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*How old does my child need to be to participate? We accept all players between the ages of 8 to 12 years old. Players age is determined by their age as of November 1, 2015. We do not accept any seventh grade players.

*How do I know what program my child will play for? Player eligibility is determined by the school district that the child is enrolled in. There are occasional circumstances that can be addressed by the NCWYF board of directors to resolve any legitimate request from a parent.

*How many different age groups are there within NCW Youth Football? NCWYF has (2) different divisions. All 8 and 9 year olds and some 10 year olds will play in the Bantam Division. Some 10, and all 11 and 12 year olds will play in the Junior Division.

* How does NCW Youth Football determine the division my child will play in? NCWYF is based by age, not weight. It is our opinion that player safety is more easily attained when children are competing with and against players of the same level of social development.

*Do you have a scholarship program for parents with financial difficulties? Yes we do.

*How many games will my child play and is there travel required? All teams will be scheduled with (3) home games and (3) travel games. NCWYF has (13) current communities participating in our league and any of those communities could appear on your schedule as a travel game. Though we can't guarantee (6) games, we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

*What equipment will I need to supply for my child to participate? You will be responsible for shoes (must be rubber or plastic cleats), a t-shirt to wear under their shoulder pads and a shirt to wear over their shoulder pads during practice. NCWYF will provide the use of all other gear that will be required for participation.